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Automated Electric Gate Service and Repair

Your Trusted Experts For Automated Electric Gate Service, Repair, and Maintenance in Seattle

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We Service and Repair Industrial, Commercial and Residential Automated Electric Gates

We repair automated electric security gate systems for commercial and industrial property owners and residential homeowners in Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond and surrounding areas. You can trust our team of experts to keep your business, property, employees, guests, and family safe from external threats and your gate in top condition. Contact us today at 425-881-3554 for gate service and repair in Seattle, WA.

Electric & Automatic Gate Repair Services

We are a reputable electric gate company with a team of skilled technicians ready and available to perform a wide range of repairs, such as:

  • Commercial electric gate repair
  • Automated entry service repair
  • Residential automated gate repair
  • Infrared gate sensor repair
  • Pedestrian safety sensor repair
  • Battery backup system repair
  • Slide, swing or vertical open gate repair
  • Crash rated or standard gate repair
  • Retractible bollard service and repair
  • Gate access control repairs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • KnoxBox, Kidde, Tomar Strobe
  • Faulty motors
  • Electrical malfunctions and troubleshooting
  • Damaged Tracks or hinges
  • Gate alignment and balance
  • Broken chains
  • Limit switches
  • Broken or damaged gate roller wheels or v-grooves
  • Telephone entry, remote control, and intercom troubleshooting and upgrades

Preventative Maintenance For Automatic Gates in Seattle

There’s no question of the importance of regular maintenance of all makes and models of industrial, commercial and residential gate systems. Neglect leads to higher expense, disruption, and even safety concerns. Conscientious upkeep promotes peak efficiency. You can expect your gate system to last longer and resist malfunction if regularly serviced. For expert service in Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Seattle, and the surrounding areas.

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Comprehensive System Check

We’ll go through your entire gate system to identify any potential issues.

Cleaning and Maintenance

We remove debris, insects, and any other elements that may affect your gate's performance or damage the circuit board.

Quality Assurance

Our team ensures everything is cleaned, greased, and operating correctly before leaving the job site.

Your Trusted Automated Electric Gate Repair Company in Seattle


Combining product innovation and expertise to provide turnkey reliable automated gate, access control and perimeter security solutions.


Trusted by customers for over 40 years to provide reliable services and high quality products from trusted brands.


Our team has decades of experience in security gate automation, access control, and perimeter security. This experience enables them to execute projects of all scopes and complexities providing accurate and informed advice to clients.

Gate Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about gate repairs for your electric or automatic gate? Browse our list of frequently asked questions below. Still can’t find the answer you are looking for? Give our expert service team a call at 425-881-3554.

How often should I have my automated electric gate serviced?

We recommend that you have your industrial or commercial security gate serviced 2-3 times per year. For residential gates, it is recommended at least once per year depending on traffic.

Contact us today for your customized service agreement.

What do I do when my security gate won't close?

If your security gate won’t close, it’s important to first check for any obstructions that may be blocking the gate’s path. Secondly, check the power source and ensure that the power supply is on. One biggest reasons for the electric gate to stop working is a disruption in the gate’s power supply caused by a power outage, a tripped circuit breaker, or a damaged power line. In the event that your security gate won’t close and you can not find a simple solution, please call Trinity Gate and Door Co. for emergency repair services.

What causes my automated electric gate to stop working?

Electric gate malfunctions can be caused by a range of issues, from electrical disruptions to mechanical failures and physical damage. If an electric gate suddenly stops working, please call Trinity Gate and Door Co., your local gate company, at 425-881-3554 .

What is the life expectancy of an automated electric gate?

A high-quality electric gate that is installed correctly should last up to 15 to 20 years with routine maintenance.