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            When looking for top of the line technology in security, look no further than Trinity Gate and Door Co. Here at Trinity Gate and Door we value your security and make it our number one priority to provide you with the highest quality services. Since 1979 our family-owned and operated business has been a leader in the security and gate industry, proudly serving the Greater Northwest for almost 30 years. Whether you are looking to protect a private residence, a corporate business, or an industrial building, Trinity Gate and Door is here to help. Our factory trained team offers a variety of gate repair and upgrade services, ensuring your existing gate and entry system remains in top shape. Give us a call today at (425) 881-3554 to find out why Hy-Security, DoorKing, Chamberlain, Linear, and HID all named us the #1 Manufacturer Recommended Installer. We pride ourselves in providing customers with top quality services and we look forward to helping you with all your security gate needs.


            From the blog

            • January 15, 2019 Introducing Access Control and Telephone Entry, all in one new model Linear E3

              Introducing Access Control and Telephone Entry, all in one new model

              Linear has just released its newest control panel, an impressive product that combines several features for one cohesive solution for control points.

              The Linear E3 Entry 7" and 4.3" Multi-Door Telephone Entry and Access Control is a two-door controller, that is expandable for a total of 36 doors. It includes 72 input/output readers and a MegaCode Receiver. Its sensor adjusts brightness according to the environment, and this sensor lights up the display when a person is within one yard. This display is 800 nits “High-Bright,” designed for direct sunlight application.

              Other features for the Access Control include a Sensor and Optional Camera, with a motion sensor, ambient light sensor and optional HD IP camera. It has stunning 7" Capacitive Touch Display, that is easy to read at night or day, and works in the rain, sleet and snow. The display is even scratch resistant! An RFID option is included to mount a reader internally for aesthetically pleasing end result. There is also a TTY Connector, for the hearing impaired.

              The Linear E3 has a stainless-steel keypad that is easy to navigate with recessed illuminated blue keys. It’s polycarbonate home key uses white illuminated backlighting. The digital signal processing is used for noise reduction and voice clarity. The product has several locking mechanisms, such as a postal lock and a 3-point locking mechanism for added security. It also has stainless-steel faceplate for protection.

              This control panel is a browser-based system with embedded Linux for fast and easy remote management. There is no need for a PC or a server. The interface is easy to use with simple tone gesturing and visual cues. With an incredibly durable Linear ArmorTech polycarbonate housing, it will withstand against all elements. The system leverages existing technology investments, and is compatible with 2 wire telephony options, POTS and VOIP for easy and fast installations.

              With all of these features, where can this control panel be used? The answer is nearly any control point, including gated communities, parking garages, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hotels/motels, commercial buildings and recreational facilities.

              There are also several required accessories for residential use included with the Access Control. These are;

              • Linear Readers and Keypads
                • Linear’s most popular proximity reader, the 2-N-1 125 kHz reader is designed to fulfill two different mounting requirements, without needing any additional hardware. You’ll get a clean, low profile for both mullion and single-gang installations ready to install right out of the box for either configuration.  The Wiegand readers and 2000-series keypads are also compatible with the new Tele Entry NXG product line.
              • Card and Fob Credentials
                • The Linear 125 kHz Proximity Cards (or Fob) as well as 13.56 MHz Proximity Cards and Proximity Key Fobs, as well as magnetic cards, are compatible with the new Linear e3 Entry line. The standard light proximity card provides maximum read range in a durable clamshell-style package, beveled edges, constructed of durable ABS plastic, vertical slot punch, in a off-white with Wiegand 26-bit format.
              • ACT Transmitters
                • The Models ACT-31C, ACT-31DHC, ACT-34C and ACT-34DHC are 1-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitters. DHC models combine the transmitter and proximity tag and they work with certain HID 125 kHz formats. Also included are lithium batteries with a five-year service life. A unique 10-second time-out feature prevents the system from being shut down by a single transmitter transmitting continuously.

              You can also add some System Expansion Module today to improve your access control. Add the EN-EXN Stand-Alone Access Node to your EN system to add two additional doors, for areas like a poolhouse or community house within the same property. The EN-EXN comes with metal housing, 6 knockouts, and provisions for mounting and keyed lock.  You can mount the EXN without moving PCB/plates 4 hole pattern offset from surface.

              Another System, the EN-ACM - 2 Door Add-On Expansion Module is not yet available, but it will be able to add two additional inputs and outputs.

              Here’s how to choose the perfect model for your needs;

              1. Select the Model
                1. The e3 Entry 7" and 4.3" tactile non-touch screen, with polycarbonate or metal housing options. Other models will be available soon.
              2. Select the Expansion Model (if more doors are needed)
                1. You can also select additional add on controllers.
              3. Select the EN-ACM (if you need more outputs/inputs)
                1. The EN-ACM 2 door expansion module can be added to the EN-EXN to add two additional outputs and inputs.
              4. Add a Reader or Keypad (order this separately)
                1. Options include the Linear 2-N-1 HAF/HAS, the Linear 2000-Series Keypad, or the Linear BluePass Reader (Bluetooth).
              5. Add Credentials (order this separately)
                1. Choices include Wiegand/Proximity KeyFobs, Linear Proximity Cards, or Mobile Credentials.

              If you have any questions about the new Access Control and Telephone Entry or would like a quote, please call (425) 881-3554 and we will be happy to help you.


            • December 18, 2018 The Future in Residential and Commercial Gate Control Introducing the LiftMaster Cloud Based CAP2D and CAPXL Entry System.

              The Future in Residential and Commercial Gate Control Introducing the LiftMaster Cloud Bassed CAP2D and CAPXL Entry System.


              For residential areas, it’s important to be able to control access points so only residents and their approved guests are able to enter the area. If you want to meet the high standards of your residents, you’ll want your security to have the best in technology. This isn’t just to maximize people’s safety, but to improve the efficiency of your staff as well.

              The LiftMaster Cloud, with CAP2D or CAPXL, is the connected access portal for residential communities who need a high capacity and cloud-based solution. While both the CAP2D and CAPXL are great systems, they have different uses.

              The Connected Access Portal for 2-Door Controller

              The CAP2D, or Connected Access Portal for 2-Door Controller, is a cloud-based, credentialed access control. The system is meant for controlling two gates or doors, and has capacity of 25,000 residents. The CAP2D will give you full control of an access point when display or voice are not needed. You’ll be able to secure every entrance with the LiftMaster Cloud, and to track and control all community access points. The CAP2D will also enable total access through multiple vehicle and pedestrian entry points, including gyms and pools.

              The Connected Access Portal for High Capacity

              The CAPXL, or Connected Access Portal for High Capacity, is a cloud-based access control for residents and guests. The CAPXL has double the capacity of the CAP2D, being able to control four gates or doors, and has capacity for 50,000 residents. This system is made of stainless steel for a modern and durable design. The CAPXL also has additional capabilities, including Wireless links for up to eight LiftMaster Operators, and a vibrant, high-definition touchscreen. It’s color touch display allows for superior resident and guest usability. This 10-inch touchscreen also lets you customize the home screen and background, and you’ll be able to quickly search for residents’ names.

              The LiftMaster Cloud Smart Access Control Software

              The interface for both the CAP2D and CAPXL is intuitive, with key features including the LiftMaster Cloud’s Smart Access Control Software. With easy setup and programming, you’ll have it plugged in and running in no time. The LiftMaster Cloud not only helps you retain and attract residents but makes it easy to manage day-to-day operations from anywhere. This will enable you to track activities in real-time, and instantly make database changes from anywhere through remote updating.

              You’ll get instant updates and be able to log-in from anywhere, with no dial-up modems and nothing to download or sync. 24/7 uptime notifications can be set up for customized real-time email alerts, so you can keep resident satisfaction high. You can secure control of your system by getting notifications if an entry code is being overused or if a suspended user is trying to gain access. It will even notify you if service is needed for the CAPXL, CAP2D or gate operator. With these alerts you’ll know exactly when there’s an issue to minimize downtime.

              Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to easily connect to existing internet on the property. With reliable wireless control, you’ll know if there is a problem with a door or parking entrance before your residents. You’ll be able to eliminate trenching with this Wi-Fi and wireless link to LiftMaster gate operators.

              Additionally, the system has local system memory, so that residents will be able to enter the premises even when the internet is down.

              Additional Features and Enhancements

              Overall, the LiftMaster has a number of features making it the most reliable system to date. The voice over IP (VoIP) provides crystal-clear call quality with no long-distance charges. With cloud-based security, all of your data will be kept protected and puts safeguards on resident information.

              You can even enhance your system with additional accessories to expand your access control system.

              * The Capcell (Cellular 4G/LTE Modem with Wi-Fi) brings connectivity anywhere, and makes it easy to connect to the CAPXL and CAP2D.

              * The CAPXLTK (Trim Kit and Back Kit) is able to simplify new installations or retrofit old ones. You’ll be able to conceal openings left from other systems in flush-mount, infinity L and icon installations.

              * With the Elevator Access Control (CAPB485/CAPDC485/CAPRELAY), you’ll enable access control expansion, elevator integration and elevator visitor destination control.

              * The Hight-Traffic Operators (HCTDCU/MAT) will keep traffic flowing through garage points and provide easy in-and-out access 24/7. You can pair it with the CAPXL for remote system diagnostics.

            • October 13, 2017 What’s New in Barrier Gate Operators and Barrier Replacement Arms

              What’s New in Barrier Gate Operators and Barrier Replacement Arms

              When it comes to controlling the flow of traffic in and out of a specific area, it is helpful to have the most trusted operators working for you. Barrier gates are oftentimes the first line of defense when it comes to controlling traffic, as well as parking situations. These traffic control devices are ideal for industrial set-ups and businesses alike. However, due to the nature of barrier gates operators and their strategic location in parking lots and high-traffic areas, the barrier arms can often become damaged. When you need a new barrier gate operator or a barrier replacement arm, it is helpful to find the right one for the job. When looking for the right barrier replacement arm, don't hesitate to reach out to the knowledgeable team at Trinity Gate & Door. With our wide range of products and experienced team, we ensure you get the security help you need.

              To help you get started, take a moment to learn a little more about some of our barrier gate operators and barrier replacement arms:

              DoorKing Model 1601 Barrier Gate Operators

              One of the highlight features of the Model 1601 Barrier Gate Operator is the specially designed arm that can withstand an impact from a vehicle that fails to stop. If the arm is lowered and a vehicle strikes it, the arm is designed to swing out of the way and the operator automatically shuts down. To reset the system, you merely need to snap the arm back into its place.

              The arms for the operator -- and replacement arms -- are aluminum, plastic, and wood and are capable of being set up on either side of the cabinet. This way, it can be mounted on the left side of the roadway or the right side, providing maximum flexibility for installation. The plastic arm comes in 12’, the wood arm is available in 14’ and the aluminum arm is also 14’.

              Additionally, when this operator is equipped with a DC convenience open package, the arm will automatically raise itself in the event of a power outage, ensuring no one is trapped within a parking lot.

              HySecurity StrongArmPark Aluminum Arms

              HySecurity barrier arms operators pride themselves on being reliable and capable of being used in corporate settings, industrial settings and government settings. These barrier arm operators are highly sought after, partially due to the HyProtect™ breakaway arm bracket and kill switch, which can potentially save the cost of arm or operator damage when a vehicle fails to stop or runs into the operator.

              When looking for reliable replacement arms for the HySecurity StrongArmPark operators, be sure to find the right aluminum arm that will fit the needs of your situation. The durable aluminum barrier arm is designed to be highly visible and comes with the option of LED lights across the top of the arm and rubber edging. Whether you need the 8' aluminum arm, 9' aluminum arm, 10' aluminum arm, 12' aluminum arm, or 14' aluminum arm, there is one that will fit your particular barrier gate scenario.

              Linear BGU Barrier Gate Operators

              The Linear BGU Barrier Gate Operator is ideal for traffic control and a variety of parking applications. It is particularly useful in traffic control situations, since the switch selection allows for complete flexibility when it comes to how and when the arm will come down.

              Features of the Linear BGU Barrier Gate Operator include a weather-resistant, galvanized steel cabinet with a powder coat finish, an on-board APeX controller three-button control station, a power on-off switch, and more. This operator now includes the integral APeX controller.

              There are several different wood arm lengths available to ensure you find the right arm for your operator needs. There is a 10' wood arm, 12' wood arm, and a 14' wood arm all designed to maximize the security features of the Linear operator.

              This operator is available in highly-visible yellow coat finish, as well as the more subtle white. In addition, there is the option of getting it with stainless steel powder coated cabinet, which is particularly helpful if the operator is being installed where there is a high concentration of corrosive material or atmosphere.


              Whether you are looking to install a new barrier gate operator, need a barrier replacement arm, or are simply looking to learn more about top quality security, the team at Trinity Gate & Door Co. is here to help. As a leader in the security industry since 1979, Trinity Gate & Door Co. makes it a top priority to provide the Greater Northwest with excellent customer service. Give us a call at today at (425) 881 - 3554 for a quote. When it comes to business security and industrial security, nothing less than excellent will do.


            • June 06, 2017 Benefits of Advanced Access Control Card Readers: NOVA.16 Securakey

              Benefits of Advanced Access Control Card Readers: NOVA.16 Securakey

              When it comes to finding the right security system for your residential space, business, or industrial location one of the more popular methods of access control is card readers. Whether you are looking for a proximity card reader, a key fob system, or a swipe card entry system, there is an access control card reader that can fit your individual needs. No matter what kind of area you are hoping to keep secure, the most important step you can take to ensure everything is done the right way is by getting in touch with a team of security experts who know what they are doing.

              All you have to do is take a look at the advanced and stellar NOVA.16 Door Access Control Panel by Securakey to quickly realize just how far cards and readers have come over the years. With the ability to control sixteen doors, along with Smart Readers there is no longer a need for cable home runs back to the control panel. Not only does this streamline the process of installation, but it makes it much more versatile when strategically thinking through how best to utilize the card reader system. In addition, this reduces the number of control panels that are needed for a multidoor system, as well as reduces the number of power outlets and amount of space and power supplies it requires. This saves you money not only in the product itself, but in the process of installation as well.  

              One thing to take into consideration when finding the right access control system or card reader for your property is the weather. Climates and temperatures can vary greatly from region to region and it's essential you find a security system that can stand up to any weather condition, no matter what. The last thing you need to worry about during extreme weather patterns is if your security system is holding up. The NOVA.16 has communication lines that are protected with gas discharge tube surge suppressors. These exist to help keep all of the vital systems running in areas where extreme weather conditions may occur or where power may fail from time to time.

              When looking around for the right kind of access control panel or card reader, it’s imperative you have a team of trusted security experts help you with installation and upgrades. When you find a team you can depend upon to provide only the best quality service and products, you can rest easy at night knowing your security has been managed by the professionals. For over thirty-five years we have made it our top priority to serve the Greater Northwest community for all their security and safety needs. We are a family owned and operated business and believe outstanding customer service − and our outstanding customers − is what's allowed us serve our community for decades.