RKWS - Reader, Proximity-Switchplate 125khz Secura Key

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Radio Key® readers use 125 kHz proximity technology, and work with Secura Key encoded cards and key tags. Radio Key® readers use patented Dynascan® automatic tuning to optimize the reader to its RF environment, which provides dramatically better read range than competing products with the same antenna size. For example, the read range of Radio Key’s® mini-mullion compares with most wall switch readers, Radio Key’s® wall switch reader compares with most midrange readers, and the Radio Key® long range reader has up to 50% more read range than similar competing products. Cards are available with custom 4-color graphics, with a glossy white dye-sublimation-ready finish for Photo ID printing, or in a white molded clamshell form factor. Key tags are molded in rugged black ABS plastic. Radio Key® readers have an SIA standard Wiegand output and transmit data in virtually any Wiegand format up to 40 bits, so they are compatible with most access control panels including the Secura Key SK-ACP. Industry standard wire colors and functions, plus low current draw and 5VDC operation on wall switch and mini-mullion models allows easy upgrade of existing Wiegand interface readers including Wiegand swipe, TOUCH CARD® (Barium Ferrite) or magstripe technologies. The RKWL Long Range reader only requires 12 VDC, while competing products require an expensive 24VDC linear supply for optimum performance. Radio Key® models have a wire pigtail for easy field connections. All Radio Key® readers are weatherproof, epoxy-potted units suitable for outdoors. All models are UL294 listed and FCC/CE approved devices.