RK600 Card Reader Keypad Secura Key

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RK600 and RK600e. The RK600e provides access control for up to 600 users, using random-numbered cards or key tags, and can be programmed easily with an RK-HHP hand held programmer or an RK-PD1 program card deck. Additionally, the RK600 features a 16-position keypad, used for PIN code entry or for programming the unit. The RK600 allows PIN Only or Card Only access for any user. The optional RKAR Auxiliary Reader can be used as a second reader, allowing card-in/card-out operation. In high-risk installations, the RKAR can be mounted on the outside, while the RK600(e) is mounted on the secure side of the door or gate, preventing tampering with the REX input or strike relay connections The RKAT Audit Trail Module allows the connection of a serial printer or PC to the RK600(e). With a serial printer, the user can print date and time stamped transactions as they occur, a key tag/PIN status report, or a list of the last 150 transactions. With a PC, the user can program the unit, produce reports with user names and information, backup/restore key tag/ PIN programming or copy programming from one RK600 to another. The module plugs into the RK600, and fits inside the reader housing. A cable is included, along with RK-LINK™ software for Windows®.