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MX000041 HY5A

The HY-5A mini-detector is made exclusively for HySecurity’s intelligent Smart Touch and Smart DC Controller boards. Direct communication to the micro-controller makes for easy, troublefree configuration and allows extensive system diagnostics and recording of all loop fault conditions. This industry leading vehicle detector easily plugs into the control board and requires only minor sensitivity adjustment during initial setup

Simple, Plug and Play Installation

• Compact design, 1 3/4” x 3 1/4”

• Smart Touch technology automatically tunes each detector to its own frequency making cross talk between loops impossible

• Direct microprocessor communication

• Controller memorizes the vacant loop frequency allowing the HY-5A to detect vehicle on power up

• Small size, easy plug-in connection, and super low energy draw (<5mA)

• Displays exact loop frequency to the last digit making it easy to determine loop frequency stability

• Can use multiple HY-5A detectors and box detectors on a single operator • Control board offers four HY-5A sockets for free exit, inside obstruction, outside obstruction, and shadow/ reset function

HY-5A MX000041 Compatible with:

SlideDriver l StrongArm l SwingRiser l HydraLift SwingSmart DC l SlideSmart DC