Hand Held Detector Tester


$ 110.00

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Hand Held Detector Tester

$ 110.00

The model 1760–14 Emergency band or 1760–10 Transit band hand held tester is battery operated and used to test activate STROBECOM® and STROBESWITCH™ detectors. Simply point it at the detector and press the button. It looks, feels, and works just like a garage door opener except that it uses a crystal controlled frequency code generator to operate an LED to simulate an optical strobe emitter.


Range: Up to 10 feet

Frequency Control: Crystal controlled solid-state oscillator

Output LED: Inviible IR type narrow beam width

Battery: 9 volt alkaline transistor type

Size: Height .94" x Length 4.81" x Width 2.25"

Weight: .24 LBS


Model 1760-14 Emergency Band Hand Held Tester

Model 1760-10 Transit Band Hand Held Tester


NOTICE: Restricted Item. The sale of this item is restricted to state and local governments and to authorized distributors only