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$ 5,300.00

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Encompass 4 RFID Reader TransCore | trinitygate.com

$ 5,300.00

TransCore's Encompass® 4 is a family of fully integrated, self-contained 915 MHz wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) readers that are specifically targeted at high performance applications in parking, security access, electronic vehicle registration (EVR) and traffic management. Each Encompass 4 reader includes a radio frequency (RF) module, digital signal processor (DSP), power supply, antenna (unless external antenna option is selected), input/output interfaces, and RS–232 or RS–422 serial communications interface.

The Encompass 4 family includes models capable of reading any two of the following standard protocols:

  • Super eGo
  • eGo (ISO 18000 6B)
  • American Trucking Associations (ATA)
  • Association of American Railroads (AAR)
  • Interagency Group (IAG)

Additionally, for compatibility with existing security systems, Encompass 4 can read half-frame and full-frame ATA tags and Wiegand formatted tags and identification cards.


Why by this reader?

All Encompass 4 readers provide unparalleled flexibility by offering a real-time clock; expanded tag read buffering; programmable RF power; 250 KHz programmable frequency steps; system integrity checking; and programmable group select.


  • Application:
  • Parking
  • Security Acces
  • Electronic Vehicle Registration
  • Traffic Management
  • Frequency: 902-928 MHz
  • Polarization: Linear, Horizontal
  • Range: 12-17 feet
  • Gain:9.5 dBi
  • Size:15.5 x 15.5 x 3.25 in
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs


  • Ideal for parking, security access, electronic vehicle registration, and traffic management
  • Multiprotocol
  • Fixed mount, integrated package with waterproof enclosure
  • Reads Super eGo® (SeGo), eGo, ATA/AAR, and/or IAG tags
  • 915 MHz RF band operation in North America
  • Half-frame, full-frame (ATA), and Wiegand capability
  • Internal and external antenna models
  • Real-time clock
  • Tag read buffering
  • Programmable RF output power
  • Quick, simple installation


Note: TransCore Readers are only compatible with TransCore Tags

          Interface Cable, Transformer & Wall Mount Bracket Kit ARE REQUIRED