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Diablo Controls DSP10LV


The DSP-10 is intended to be an ‘all-in-one’ vehicle detector designed for the parking, drive-through, and access control industries. The DSP-10 was designed for systems that need reliable vehicle detection. This detector is designed to operate utilizing a single inductive loop typical in these industries. The small packaging comes without sacrificing performance. The DSP-10 Detector was designed to retrofit into existing locations that may require a detector upgrade. Sophisticated noise filtering algorithms offer stable operation in noisy or troublesome installations. With its compact size, front panel switch features, and built-in fail-safe or fail-secure operation for the A output, the DSP-10 is the only vehicle detector you will ever need. The DSP-10 provides many advanced features to provide a great value for your money.

 Extended Presence provides vehicle detection times of many hours for those unique installations.

 Delay for those situations where vehicles may be detected by the loop that will not be stopping at the gate/door.

 Extension for those times when you just need a little more time for the vehicle to travel through the gate/door area.

 Loop Fail output provides a way to detect and enunciate a loop failure.

 Sensitivity Boost for those installations that require reliable detection of semi-truck trailers and high bed vehicles.

 Pulse on Entry or Pulse on Exit for those operators that require this type of signal.