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The DKML (DoorKing Magnetic Lock) series of magnetic locks offer a wide range of high quality electro-magnetic locks (1200, 600 and 300 Lb locks) and brackets to accommodate almost any access control door locking requirement. We also offer a 2000 Lb shear lock which provides both a magnetic and mechanical connection. Magnetic locks have no moving parts to wear out or break and are virtually indestructible. Most locks are available in both surface and flush mount designs and can be ordered with special options such as LED lock status indicators, signal relays and built-in timers for automatic re-lock after a preset time period. five model available

DKML-S6-1 600 lb Surface Mount Magnetic Lock

DKML-M3-1 300 lb Mortise Mount Magnetic Lock

DKML-S6-1 600 lb Surface Mount Single Standard Magnetic Lock

DKML-S6-2 600 lb Surface Mount Dual Standard Magnetic Lock

DKML_M20-1L 2000 lb Mortise Mount Magnetic Lock