CellGate Call box Wireless Watchman W440 Discontinued | trinitygate.com


Please contact us for pricing.


CellGate Call box Wireless Watchman W440 Discontinued | trinitygate.com

Please contact us for pricing.

CellGate Call box Wireless Watchman W440

CellGate’s Access Control and Monitoring Systems for automatic gates are compatible with all gate operators and designed to fully integrate with the keypad or push-button setup you are currently using.

Our AC-powered system for automatic gates includes a “smart” keypad, cellular communications module, and an antenna. It is assumed that power will be provided by the same source as the gate operator. Contacts are run from the CellGate controller to the gate operator, triggering the gate to open.

Solar-powered systems are also available, which include a solar panel and a marine battery in addition to the other system components.

The keypad can store up to 1,000 codes locally, providing fast 100% reliable service, since it does not require immediate cellular communication.


Create access codes that are:

  • Set for a fixed number of uses
  • Valid only for a certain date/time range
  • Valid only certain days of the week or times of day
  • Valid until canceled (never expire), or
  • Unrestricted and never expire

View, print and export detailed information that shows:

  • Access code (visitor) used, location, date and time of day
  • The type of command sent and the result
  • The current open or close status of a gate


  • You manage your CellGate account, access codes, alerts and reports online.
  • Visitors enter their access code at the gate, and the CellGate cellular device sends the data over the cellular network to the CellGate data center.
  • When the CellGate system verifies the entered code as an authorized visitor, it sends a signal to allow the visitor to enter, and
  • Logs the activity in your CellGate account.


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