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The BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader is the most modern, state-of-the-art device for Vehicle Access Control and AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) systems. The unit is immune to interference or glare from the Sun as well as radio frequency interference from cell phones, radio antennas, power lines and microwave towers.

BA-440's primary purpose is identifying vehicles for access to gated properties. A BAi barcode decal is applied to authorized vehicles making them part of the access control system. Then, when a vehicle wants to enter the property it drives past the BA-440, which will automatically read it for authorization. A properly positioned BA-440 is guaranteed to read decals up to 25 mph at a distance of up to 6 ft. It communicates with industry standard 26 bit Wiegand, or can work with either RS232 serial port or USB port. It does not read photocopies, photographs, or digital reproductions of barcode labels.

Features include modular construction, quick disconnects, and built-in tools for fast and easy servicing. Diagnostics are easily accessed using a laptop with either a RS232 serial port or USB port. Housed in a durable aluminum enclosure, the BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader operates around the clock, easing the workload of gatekeepers and security personnel. The only regular maintenance requirement is to clean the optics and interior twice per year.

The BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader is an excellent choice to monitor or control access to Gated Communities, Private Parking Lots, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Airports, Toll Bridges, etc.


  • BA-440 Dual Beam Reader ------------------------- $9,206.02
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