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The New E024U Control Board is designed to be used with the following FAAC Swing Gate Operators:

  • S418 Electro-mechanical Operator
  • S450H Hydraulic Operator
  • S800H Hydraulic in Ground Operator
  • 390 Electro-mechanical Operator
  • 415 Electro-mechanial Operator
  • 770 Electro-mechanical in Ground Operator


  • UL991 safety standard compliant.
  • Powerful and efficient Switching Power Supply.
  • Easy programming with trimmers and dip switches.
  • One push button automatic self learning.
  • Self resetting fuses.
  • Stand by mode for efficient power use.
  • Built in battery backup
  • Leaf opening mode selectable: with or without leaf delay.
  • Enclosure Kit E024U includes: E024U Control Board, Power Supply, Battery Cable.