Photo Eye & Safety Edges

Automated driveway gates require safety precautions that protect against entrapment and hazardous pinch points. Photo Eyes, Safety Edges and other Sensing Mechanisms are designed to detect a potentially dangerous situation, such as a vehicle blocking the gate travel path and either stop or reverse the cycle.

Photo Eyes or Beams are “non-contact” devices that operate by shooting a beam of light across the gate opening. Interrupting the beam will prevent the gate from closing, or will stop the gate and reverse its motion. 

Safety Edges are “contact” devices that operate when touched using pressure sensitive sensors. If an obstacle is encountered, the device signals the gate opener to stop and/or reverse operations.

Warning Devices such as Signs, Signals, Lights and Bells are useful accessories to any automated vehicular gate system. They provide visible and / or auditory indicators of potentially hazardous situations.