The Best Hydraulic Oil and Lubricants for Your Automatic Gate


The Best Hydraulic Oil and Lubricants for Your Automatic Gate

The Best Hydraulic Oil and Lubricants for Your Automatic Gate

When it comes to automatic gates and security systems, smoothness is key. What we mean is this: if you depend upon your gate to open smoothly and close smoothly whenever you call upon it to do so, it should always deliver. One of the ways you can always ensure your automatic gate is ready to operate accordingly is by keeping the working parts properly lubricated and tuned with the right hydraulic oil. These key components will help guarantee the mechanics always work when you need them to work.

While you may assume that all lubricants and hydraulic oils are created equal, the truth is that it's absolutely essential you find the right one for your electric gate. Not only can the wrong lubricant or oil damage the working parts, but it can cause complications that can result in the need for costly repair work. When looking around for top quality lubricants and hydraulic oil you may discover there are a number of options out there from which to choose. Whether you're wondering what amount you may need or the grade of oil you should use, it's important you get the best option out there for your needs.

Luckily, you don't have to figure out your hydraulic oil requirements or lubricant options all on your own. There are experts in the field of automatic gates who can help assess your needs and let you know what your best options may be. If you're on the hunt for hydraulic oil or automatic gate lubricant in the Pacific Northwest, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team of knowledgeable experts here at Trinity Gate and Door. We are proud to offer top quality products to our clients who have trusted us with their security needs for decades.

For example, we carry hydraulic oil MX00970 in 1 Gallon containers. This hydraulic oil is made for particularly extreme temperatures, aiding the function of your mechanical devices in incredibly low or incredibly high temperature environments. When looking for the most optimal performance it's important to use oil such as this one that will be able to function no matter what the numbers are outside.


We are also happy to offer FAAC hydraulic oil. FAAC is a leading brand that helps provide industries and residents with automated system solutions and have been doing so since 1965. One of their specialties is gates and access control, which is why they are one of the best places to find top quality hydraulic oil for your gates. 

714019 Standard grade Temperature rating: -4 degrees F714019 Standard grade Temperature rating: -4 degrees F 5 Gal7140251 Arctic grade Temperature rating: -40 degrees F

If you're looking for some expert insight into hydraulic oils and lubricants for automatic gates don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help answer any questions you may have about our hydraulic oil and lubricant products and point in the right direction. We understand how important it is for your gates to run smoothly each time, every time, no matter the temperature outside.