Advanced Security Software and Mobile Apps

Advanced Security Software and Mobile Apps

 You don’t have to look very far to see the ways advanced technology is changing the world. Lucky for security systems, the advancements are making our lives a little easier. Many security systems now come with options for remote accessibility, meaning you can still access and control your security platform even if you are located somewhere else.

 Some of these functions come as mobile apps and can be downloaded straight to your smartphone directly from the Google Play Store or from the App Store on iPhone. If you’re looking for new ways to make your security systems a little more modern-friendly, get in touch with our team of security experts here at Trinity Gate and Door. We specialize in security products for your private home, professional business, or commercial property and are happy to chat with you about various remote access technologies.

 For example, LiftMaster offers an innovative new mobile app called “MyQ” which provides users with smartphone control of the garage door at home, exterior gates, and even the lighting within their home. While it requires the LiftMaster MyQ hardware and compatible security operations, once everything is aligned you will be able to breathe a little easier every time you leave the house or your place of business. Available at the AppStore and at the Google Play Store.

 Doorking also offers new and groundbreaking mobile app technology with their Digital Lock Manager and Smart Open App. These mobile apps streamline the security access process for Doorking users, including the Smart Open App allowing them to simply hold their phone near a digital Doorking lock and being automatically recognized. With the Digital Lock Manager you can manage the access codes to a digital entry lock. With the ability to easily add and delete access codes and set lock-out times, etc you will be shocked at the ease of security use. Available at Google Play Store.

These incredible advancements in security technology allow individuals to contribute more of their valuable time to the things that matter. Remote access technology and software is a way to efficiently and effectively manage your security systems, whether it is for a private home or a commercial property. A mobile phone in your pocket can transform into a management system to check in on your garage door, business gate, and adjust access codes to an entry system. It streamlines your control and eases the burden of physically needing to be present to ensure your properties are safe and secure.

 As security engineering continues to advance, the software and technology is advancing right alongside it. With everything from computer software allowing us to control our gate systems to mobile apps giving us the freedom to double-check things from the road, there are endless ways you can use modern technology to your advantage. If you’re looking for a team of security experts who can help you better understand all your options give us a call here at Trinity Gate and Door at (425) 882 – 3554. We pride ourselves in serving the communities of the greater Pacific Northwest for the past thirty years and are ready to assist you with any of your security needs. We want to make sure your business or home feels as safe and secure as it possibly can.