HySecurity Crash Gates

Here are some different products each with different crash rated applications. With a variety of choices within different barrier arms, crash gates, and wedge barrier arm operators, businesses have limitless possibilities in finding the right security fit for their particular needs. From private residences to top-level government areas, HySecurity gate operators are the way to go in ultimate security.


When it comes to HySecurity products, each one has a different crash rated application. Many of the choices from HySecurity have been developed to stop vehicles from entering a designated area. For example, WedgeSmart DC utilizes both a mechanical barrier arm and a control wedge that lifts from the ground to prohibit vehicle passing. Other pieces, such as the StrongArmCrash system is a barrier arm dual arm design which prevents large  trucks and passenger vehicles from crossing into a high security area.


Each operator has been tested for millions of cycles before it is finally released to market. This extensive testing, from swing, slide, vertical life, and parking operators ensures that the security you receive with each product is the absolute top of the line. Reliability is paramount at HySecurity and one of the ways they achieve such stellar reliability is by building truly tough products.


HySecurity gate operators are proud to not only meet, but exceed “the perimeter security requirements of hardened crash security, high security, industrial, commercial, parking and access control and residential sites around the world.”


With headquarters near Seattle, WA, our team here at Trinity Gate and Door prides itself in being educated in the different HySecurity gate operators available on the market. In addition, we are happy to stock their products such as the HySecurity StrongArm M30 Crash Barrier.


This top quality piece of security equipment is run by the 30 year proven hydraulic reliability found at HySecurity. With the ability to cycle up to 100 times per hour for one vehicle, you’ll get plenty of use from this piece of equipment. The installation of this top security barrier is both affordable and quick. Trinity Gate and Door is happy to assist any business or residence that may have questions regarding HySecurity gate operators and we are here to ensure you get the best possible security around.


HySecurity barrier arms, crash gates, and wedge barrier arm operators provide you with endless options when it comes to protecting your home or business. Let us help you make the right choice when searching through your HySecurity choices. Get in touch with us over here at Trinity Gate and Door at (425) 882 – 3554 right away. As a team who has proudly served the Greater Pacific Northwest for the past 30 years we are excited to use our security expertise to help your home or business feel as safe as possible.