The Future in Residential and Commercial Gate Control Introducing the LiftMaster Cloud Based CAP2D and CAPXL Entry System.

The Future in Residential and Commercial Gate Control Introducing the LiftMaster Cloud Bassed CAP2D and CAPXL Entry System.


For residential areas, it’s important to be able to control access points so only residents and their approved guests are able to enter the area. If you want to meet the high standards of your residents, you’ll want your security to have the best in technology. This isn’t just to maximize people’s safety, but to improve the efficiency of your staff as well.

The LiftMaster Cloud, with CAP2D or CAPXL, is the connected access portal for residential communities who need a high capacity and cloud-based solution. While both the CAP2D and CAPXL are great systems, they have different uses.

The Connected Access Portal for 2-Door Controller

The CAP2D, or Connected Access Portal for 2-Door Controller, is a cloud-based, credentialed access control. The system is meant for controlling two gates or doors, and has capacity of 25,000 residents. The CAP2D will give you full control of an access point when display or voice are not needed. You’ll be able to secure every entrance with the LiftMaster Cloud, and to track and control all community access points. The CAP2D will also enable total access through multiple vehicle and pedestrian entry points, including gyms and pools.

The Connected Access Portal for High Capacity

The CAPXL, or Connected Access Portal for High Capacity, is a cloud-based access control for residents and guests. The CAPXL has double the capacity of the CAP2D, being able to control four gates or doors, and has capacity for 50,000 residents. This system is made of stainless steel for a modern and durable design. The CAPXL also has additional capabilities, including Wireless links for up to eight LiftMaster Operators, and a vibrant, high-definition touchscreen. It’s color touch display allows for superior resident and guest usability. This 10-inch touchscreen also lets you customize the home screen and background, and you’ll be able to quickly search for residents’ names.

The LiftMaster Cloud Smart Access Control Software

The interface for both the CAP2D and CAPXL is intuitive, with key features including the LiftMaster Cloud’s Smart Access Control Software. With easy setup and programming, you’ll have it plugged in and running in no time. The LiftMaster Cloud not only helps you retain and attract residents but makes it easy to manage day-to-day operations from anywhere. This will enable you to track activities in real-time, and instantly make database changes from anywhere through remote updating.

You’ll get instant updates and be able to log-in from anywhere, with no dial-up modems and nothing to download or sync. 24/7 uptime notifications can be set up for customized real-time email alerts, so you can keep resident satisfaction high. You can secure control of your system by getting notifications if an entry code is being overused or if a suspended user is trying to gain access. It will even notify you if service is needed for the CAPXL, CAP2D or gate operator. With these alerts you’ll know exactly when there’s an issue to minimize downtime.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to easily connect to existing internet on the property. With reliable wireless control, you’ll know if there is a problem with a door or parking entrance before your residents. You’ll be able to eliminate trenching with this Wi-Fi and wireless link to LiftMaster gate operators.

Additionally, the system has local system memory, so that residents will be able to enter the premises even when the internet is down.

Additional Features and Enhancements

Overall, the LiftMaster has a number of features making it the most reliable system to date. The voice over IP (VoIP) provides crystal-clear call quality with no long-distance charges. With cloud-based security, all of your data will be kept protected and puts safeguards on resident information.

You can even enhance your system with additional accessories to expand your access control system.

* The Capcell (Cellular 4G/LTE Modem with Wi-Fi) brings connectivity anywhere, and makes it easy to connect to the CAPXL and CAP2D.

* The CAPXLTK (Trim Kit and Back Kit) is able to simplify new installations or retrofit old ones. You’ll be able to conceal openings left from other systems in flush-mount, infinity L and icon installations.

* With the Elevator Access Control (CAPB485/CAPDC485/CAPRELAY), you’ll enable access control expansion, elevator integration and elevator visitor destination control.

* The Hight-Traffic Operators (HCTDCU/MAT) will keep traffic flowing through garage points and provide easy in-and-out access 24/7. You can pair it with the CAPXL for remote system diagnostics.