Product Spotlight: Doorking Access Control Solutions 1800-Series

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Product Spotlight: Doorking Access Control Solutions 1800-Series


We're thrilled to be able to offer our clients top quality products fit for any of their security or access control needs. One of the products we’re proud to offer is the Doorking Access Control Solutions, particularly items from their 1800-series. We are excited to help shine a spotlight on everything the Doorking products have to offer and why their access control solutions might just be the right fit for your security needs!


Access control systems can be used for a variety of different structures. They are commonly seen in residential settings, such as at gates, front doors, or at the entry point of an apartment complex. They are also often used in business locals, providing an extra layer of security to industries that require maximum security. The Doorking products carried here at Trinity Gate and Door are versatile and can help you achieve the added security you might be looking for.


One of the benefits of these Doorking access control systems is the ease of use. Owners are capable of controlling a point of entry from a remote location. Installed at a gate or a door, these straightforward devices allow guests with the proper access code to gain entry. In addition, they are capable of connecting with the homeowner or property manager at the press of a button. You can speak with your guest from any telephone in the home or business. Whether someone is at the front door or the gate of an establishment, the Doorking systems offer owners the ability to clearly communicate with anyone standing in that location immediately.


This extra step of security and access control is especially helpful in places where safety might be of vital importance. For example, gated home communities or apartment complexes often rely upon access control systems to provide residents with an extra layer of support and comfort in their security. Industrial buildings that require maximum security coverage can benefit from the Doorking access control solution, as well as parking structures or storage structures.


If you’re looking for a product that is made with state-of-the-art technology, Doorking engineers products that can be synced with modern devices. Many of the Doorking products, such as the 1833 or 1837 model are PC programmable. This creates an even better user experience, allowing you to install the software on your computer and then set up the access control system via the specialized software. This means you are able to begin using the advanced security system right away. You will be able to add and delete access codes straight from your computer, establish email settings and even begin to or unlock doors from your computer.


We carry a wide range of Doorking 1800-series access control systems. From the 1802 Access Plus and 1803 Entry System which are both ideal for apartment complexes and mixed use buildings, to the 1837 PC Programmable model which easily displays words and directories, there is a Doorking access control system just for you. Let us help you find the perfect fit!


When it comes to access control solutions many people hope for a system that provides ease of use and exceptional quality. The team over here at Trinity Gate and Door can help you find the perfect system for your needs, whether it’s residential or industry focused. We’ve got a wide range of Doorking options, including the popular 1800-series. If you’re thinking of installing a new access control system get in touch with us at Trinity Gate and Door at (425) 881-3554 at your earliest convenience. We are a family-owned and operated company who is passionate about helping our Greater Northwest clients find quality security.