Introducing Access Control and Telephone Entry, all in one new model Linear E3

Introducing Access Control and Telephone Entry, all in one new model Linear E3

Introducing Access Control and Telephone Entry, all in one new model

Linear has just released its newest control panel, an impressive product that combines several features for one cohesive solution for control points.

The Linear E3 Entry 7" and 4.3" Multi-Door Telephone Entry and Access Control is a two-door controller, that is expandable for a total of 36 doors. It includes 72 input/output readers and a MegaCode Receiver. Its sensor adjusts brightness according to the environment, and this sensor lights up the display when a person is within one yard. This display is 800 nits “High-Bright,” designed for direct sunlight application.

Other features for the Access Control include a Sensor and Optional Camera, with a motion sensor, ambient light sensor and optional HD IP camera. It has stunning 7" Capacitive Touch Display, that is easy to read at night or day, and works in the rain, sleet and snow. The display is even scratch resistant! An RFID option is included to mount a reader internally for aesthetically pleasing end result. There is also a TTY Connector, for the hearing impaired.

The Linear E3 has a stainless-steel keypad that is easy to navigate with recessed illuminated blue keys. It’s polycarbonate home key uses white illuminated backlighting. The digital signal processing is used for noise reduction and voice clarity. The product has several locking mechanisms, such as a postal lock and a 3-point locking mechanism for added security. It also has stainless-steel faceplate for protection.

This control panel is a browser-based system with embedded Linux for fast and easy remote management. There is no need for a PC or a server. The interface is easy to use with simple tone gesturing and visual cues. With an incredibly durable Linear ArmorTech polycarbonate housing, it will withstand against all elements. The system leverages existing technology investments, and is compatible with 2 wire telephony options, POTS and VOIP for easy and fast installations.

With all of these features, where can this control panel be used? The answer is nearly any control point, including gated communities, parking garages, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hotels/motels, commercial buildings and recreational facilities.

There are also several required accessories for residential use included with the Access Control. These are;

  • Linear Readers and Keypads
    • Linear’s most popular proximity reader, the 2-N-1 125 kHz reader is designed to fulfill two different mounting requirements, without needing any additional hardware. You’ll get a clean, low profile for both mullion and single-gang installations ready to install right out of the box for either configuration.  The Wiegand readers and 2000-series keypads are also compatible with the new Tele Entry NXG product line.
  • Card and Fob Credentials
    • The Linear 125 kHz Proximity Cards (or Fob) as well as 13.56 MHz Proximity Cards and Proximity Key Fobs, as well as magnetic cards, are compatible with the new Linear e3 Entry line. The standard light proximity card provides maximum read range in a durable clamshell-style package, beveled edges, constructed of durable ABS plastic, vertical slot punch, in a off-white with Wiegand 26-bit format.
  • ACT Transmitters
    • The Models ACT-31C, ACT-31DHC, ACT-34C and ACT-34DHC are 1-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitters. DHC models combine the transmitter and proximity tag and they work with certain HID 125 kHz formats. Also included are lithium batteries with a five-year service life. A unique 10-second time-out feature prevents the system from being shut down by a single transmitter transmitting continuously.

You can also add some System Expansion Module today to improve your access control. Add the EN-EXN Stand-Alone Access Node to your EN system to add two additional doors, for areas like a poolhouse or community house within the same property. The EN-EXN comes with metal housing, 6 knockouts, and provisions for mounting and keyed lock.  You can mount the EXN without moving PCB/plates 4 hole pattern offset from surface.

Another System, the EN-ACM - 2 Door Add-On Expansion Module is not yet available, but it will be able to add two additional inputs and outputs.

Here’s how to choose the perfect model for your needs;

  1. Select the Model
    1. The e3 Entry 7" and 4.3" tactile non-touch screen, with polycarbonate or metal housing options. Other models will be available soon.
  2. Select the Expansion Model (if more doors are needed)
    1. You can also select additional add on controllers.
  3. Select the EN-ACM (if you need more outputs/inputs)
    1. The EN-ACM 2 door expansion module can be added to the EN-EXN to add two additional outputs and inputs.
  4. Add a Reader or Keypad (order this separately)
    1. Options include the Linear 2-N-1 HAF/HAS, the Linear 2000-Series Keypad, or the Linear BluePass Reader (Bluetooth).
  5. Add Credentials (order this separately)
    1. Choices include Wiegand/Proximity KeyFobs, Linear Proximity Cards, or Mobile Credentials.

If you have any questions about the new Access Control and Telephone Entry or would like a quote, please call (425) 881-3554 and we will be happy to help you.