• Cellular Product Highlight: Wireless Keypads
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Cellular Product Highlight: Wireless Keypads

Product Highlight: Wireless Keypads

As technology continues to progress we get to benefit from it with all things security-related. One of the ways advancements are helping keep us secure and safe is the evolution we see in wireless keypads.  We here at Trinity Gate and Door Co. are excited to offer a wide variety of advanced wireless keypads, ones that make your security system streamlined and easy to manage. Curious about some of our newest wireless keypads? Our team is available to help you figure out which one might be the best fit for your security needs.

Elika 460 Cellular Voice Telephone Entry System

When looking for an entry system that doesn't require the connection to a phone line, the Elika 460 Cellular Voice Telephone Entry System has a variety of different wireless options. With the wireless connectivity that comes along with this system you can experience true flexibility and ease of use. It is compatible with the most widely used wireless communication sources around such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G cellular. Whether you use an iPhone, IOS, Windows, or other system, the Elika 460 can function right alongside it. Elika provides you with options, additionally in the remote programming and real-time updates.

Cellular Select Gate

With advanced technology at its side, this gate entry and access control system can be controlled via SMS text, the select gate mobile control app, keypad, card readers, or remote touch tones. The cellular select gate SG3DMCL is compatible with any GSM carrier and an AT&T SIM card is included. If you are interested in using AT&T there are plan options available to you, you simply need to get in touch with AT&T to chat about the choices. This system is an ideal one for night use, with LED lighting. In addition, the keypad is backlit by a blue light and comes along with 1,000 caller ID recognizable phone numbers, 2,000 mix-and-match PINS, cards, and transmitters.

CellGate Call Box Wireless Watchman

This “smart” call box is meant for automatic gates and is compatible with all gate operators. In addition, it comes with a smart keypad, a cellular communications module, and an antenna. The CellGate system can be controlled through a web-based portal, which allows you to create access codes for a fix number of uses, ones that are valid for only certain dates and times, and can be valid for only a certain number of days of the week.  Along with this flexibility in access control comes the ability to view, print, and export the use of the system.  One of the more exciting features about this CellGate system is that there are solar-powered systems available. Along with a solar panel these earth-friendly options are one of the more "green" ways to power your security.

We are proud to provide our customers with the best security options, particularly when it comes to advanced wireless keypads. If you are looking for help installing a new call box or are interested in updating your security system, get in touch with our team here at Trinity Gate and Door Co. You can get a hold of us here via phone at (425) 885 - 3554 or by email at sales@trinitygate.com right away. Our team is ready to provide you with the information you need to know when considering an advanced wireless keypad. We know what will best fit your needs and how to get it as quickly as possible.
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